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Topo Gaiter 可為你於任何季節、山徑或騎程提供包覆感。既可防曬,亦能在路上保持頸部溫暖。注意:Gaiter 在洗滌和穿著後會變得柔軟。

我們的設計團隊使用柔軟、輕質的 COOLMAX®️ 彈力滌綸打造定製印花和圖案。

- COOLMAX®️ 彈力滌綸
- 舒適的管狀無縫設計
- 單一尺寸

尺寸: 10"w x 19"l (平放)
材質: COOLMAX®️ 彈力滌綸


Topo Gaiters allow coverage for any season, on any trail, or any ride. Ward off the sun on the river, keep your neck warm on the road, or use it for quick & efficient protection. Note: Gaiter will soften after wash & wear.


Our in-house design team created custom prints and patterns, built with a soft, lightweight COOLMAX®️ stretch polyester.

Features & Specs

  • COOLMAX®️ stretch polyester
  • Tubular, seamless design for comfort
  • One size fits all

Dimensions: 10"w x 19"l (flat)

Materials: COOLMAX®️ polyester

Made in China